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I dunno. I'll put something.

Yami a confused neko

24 April
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Nyao First off:
My Journal is friends only. If you want to be added e-mail me or comment.
Comment Here
Please follow the rules I have if you want to be add. Everyone deserves their own chance to bitch in their journal if they want, so don't I get that chance too? Thank you for respecting my journal.

I go by the name of Yami as well as other names, but I would prefer Yami over the others. I have many friends, but a few close ones who mean a lot to me, so I ask you do not disrespect them or me, or I will be forced to do something unto you for doing so.
I'd like to be thought of as a kind person, someone who listens, and is a good friend. If you don't think that way of me, that's fine, I don't really think that of myself anyways. I have made many enemies with friends in the past and the present, and I'd like to patch up these holes, so if you want to help sew them closed, let me know.
I do ran a convention and am very proud of it. It's Asia's and my baby. So respect it before I slap you upside the head.

Hm.. that's all I can write right now. Perhaps I will write more later. If you'd like some poetry you can check out my Deviantart or you can check my poetry LJ which i haven't been around in a while. I'll post you kids links later. See You.